The Human Union is based on balance, existing as a decentralized movement with our success reliant on partnership and collaboration. Here are some more words to describe it.

Want in on it?

We are powered by volunteers, members, small dollar donations, and public amplification. This page is for the former half. If you want the latter half, head here.

Member Benefits

Why would you want to become a member? A couple reasons:

  1. Access to our private community where all of this work is being produced
  2. Subscription to our member newsletter where we’ll share things before they go public
  3. The satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to societal improvement

We have two types of members: time and fiscal donors. Both types require completing a registration form and new member onboarding. The purpose is to maximize impact while protecting ourselves from divisiveness and bots.

Become a Volunteer Member

Our belief is that every individual has unique and incredible value they can provide if given the opportunity. This opportunity is frequently not afforded within our current society, which is a big motivator for why we’re doing this.

Volunteer Registration

Become a Donating Member

Not everybody has time, we get it. We spend most of our lives sleeping or doing work we’re frequently not fond of. This is what we’re aiming to change, though there is a lot of work to do to get there.

Donor Registration

Note: we have no set limits to become a donating member, as we understand everyone has different means

Next Steps

Following your registration submission, a team member will be in contact with additional details and to schedule a new member onboarding as appropriate. We will likewise be in contact should there be any reasons why we feel membership is not a good fit.

If you want to learn more, check our Our Story, read our Requirements for Society 2.0 or some of the other Words we’ve written.