As any good movement, the genesis of Human Union was almost certainly inspired within a drug-induced haze. Minimally, the name itself certainly came about that way.

But also like any good movement, these ideas do not exist in a vacuum. The coherent vision and values and goals evolved through a lifetime of learning influenced by the experiences of many individuals. And their experiences were influenced by other experiences and so on forever.

The Human Union stands atop the shoulders of giants. Giants who refuse to accept the status quo. Refuse to niche down. Refuse to take being called ambitious as anything but a compliment.

Our individual ideas are not unique, very few are; pre-existed us, for instance. However our aligned vision and collective thoughts hopefully offer a new way of doing things.

Society is fundamentally broken, teetering every day a little more closely toward a dystopian apocalypse. On the other side of this seesaw is the fully automated, luxury, gay space communism many a meme has promised.

The side onto which we fall is entirely within our control. We have the tools, we have the technology, we have the desire. All we need is a rallying focus, a center of gravity, around which to create.

We have two options: to continue doing things the way they have always been done, to accept our fate as out of our control. Or, to build a new path, eschewing us vs. them and creating a new society built on a Human Union for us and them.

We have made the deliberate choice that, instead of following the playbook of every other startup with aspirations to exit for the benefit of the few, we will create a new kind of organization for the benefit of everyone. The Human Union will be not for profit, however it will own subsidiary for profit organizations which will be enabled to compete with today's entrenched monopolies while returning its profits to the Human Union.

We are basing this organization on the open source, grassroots empowering ideals of the Progressive Coders Network, aspiring to initially launch under their nonprofit umbrella prior to breaking out on our own. As progcode has been a nonprofit tech incubator of sorts, we hope to complement their mission for independent businesses aspiring for freedom and an ability to compete.

Our ambitions are to be what social media should have been if its ambitions weren't predicated upon maximizing hatred to drive its ad revenue.

Social media should be used to create, not tear down. It should be used to enable its users with control of and prosperity from their personal data. It should be a Networked Community that provides the CORE things we need: Connections, Opportunities and Resources for Everyone.

The Modern Business is business for all, TODAS, powered by Tools that are Open, Decentralized, Accessible, and Secure.

And, finally, we must create not just decentralized finance and commerce but the means through which to leverage them. We need to do more than provide banking to the unlucky, we must provide the capital they need in order to lift themselves up. An empty jug doesn't do much good for someone in the middle of the desert; irrigation and infrastructure, however, are transformative.

An inordinate amount of energy exists today to do things differently. People are waking up and realizing that the manufactured us. vs them is not the way that things must be. People understand that if we work together instead of against one another, anything is possible.

The Human Union is a movement without any enemies besides our broken society itself, which we recognize is not the fault of any one person or group, though it is our responsibility to fix. The Human Union is a unifying movement irrespective of race, class, creed, gender, or tribe. The Human Union is all of us.

Join us and together we will achieve our Requirements and create Society 2.0.