A successful movement must have priorities upon which people are focused.

Unlike the commandments, which dictate what we cannot do, this requirements list intends to be our roadmap toward Society 2.0.

They include:


I. Redefine societal value

Value has generally been conflated with stock price or revenue or profitability. 2020 and its meme stocks began to change this concept, however we believe we can go further in prioritizing what is important for society.

II. Create a Networked Community providing the CORE: Connections, Opportunities and Resources for Everyone

These are the fundamental things people need to survive and thrive in any society. Our overarching priority will be meeting these requirements in everything we do, beginning with lightweight solutions and continuously improving.

III. Enable the Modern Business with TODAS: Tools that are Open, Decentralized, Accessible, and Secure

Technology should exist to support, not spy. Countless years have been selflessly volunteered for the technology we rely on, like Apache, SSH and Wikipedia. Technology should not be built to push people toward the death clouds, mine data or spy on people.

IV. Enable everyone to start their own business

Enabling people to run their own businesses provides autonomy and freedom. Further, it enables communities to become self-sustainable, creating a virtuous feedback loop for all, breaking the unidirectional loop wherein value is extracted by distant conglomerates for profits to live in Ireland.

V. Create decentralized commerce with a society investment pool and global basic income

Providing banking to the bankless isn’t enough, we need to provide the capital for them to leverage, either through donation or non-predatory loans (how is there not a good antonym for this?!). Later, we’ll create a crypto token that doesn’t disproportionately reward early movers.

VI. Enable all humans to meet their basic needs: food, water, shelter, and security

Enablement is the keyword here: nobody wants to subsist on handouts, they’re not sustainable. However, for those unable to meet their needs, social safety nets should be created to support them.

VII. Make the internet and a device through which to access it available for all

As technology and the internet become increasingly ubiquitous, we should enable all of society to connect, collaborate and compete for our mutual benefit.

VIII. Empower everyone to control, leverage and prosper from their personal data

Data is the new oil, data is the new gold. And ever increasing amounts of it are owned, controlled and prospered from by fewer and fewer. Democratizing data and making it the foundation for a global basic income is our long-term goal.

IX. Abolish Slavery

Slavery never ended. Today, there are 40 million humans enslaved, or about one in every 200 people. That’s 40 million too many. You probably have well over 200 connections. Slavery is legalized in three nations: North Korea, China and the United States.

X. Create the Human Union

That’s this! Now, return to step 1 and let’s get going. We have some work to do.

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