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The Human Union has an admittedly grandiose vision and objective. 

Enabling humanity to do what they love? Supporting 1,000,000 people to start their own business? Prospering from their own personal data?! 

Pfft, get out of here with those hippie shenanigans. Data obviously belongs to one of our mega tech organizations, not people. And people will do what those mega corporations’ algorithms tell them to do, not the other way around.

Sound like some dystopian bullshit? We think so. If anything, the way we’re currently living sounds far more absurd than our humble vision of happiness.

Still, we appreciate that getting to the world where people are enabled to do what they love will require some serious work. And we also realize that people’s ability and availability to contribute toward building Society 2.0 will vary considerably. So, as we’re getting started here, we figured it’d be helpful to put together a post summarizing various ways people can contribute.

Join the Community

If you want to contribute to the community, naturally, the first step would be to join the community. Technically speaking, you could also support our movement, however at our early stages we are focused on driving deliberate, slow and steady growth amongst core contributors. As we establish our foundation we’ll look forward to scaling our awareness and membership, however for the beginning it is absolutely critical that we grow at a sustainable pace, lest the universe rip apart due to too much energy or whatever.


As the word suggests, the first step in creating an organization is getting organized. This post in some ways is the first attempt at that, though we plan to continually refine, streamline and automate how we work. In order to be a successful non-hierarchical movement, it’s absolutely critical that we have structure, process and systems in pace to enable us to do so without descending into anarchy.

  • Project Management – everybody needs some good project management. Somebody that can help create order from chaos, help lead the charge in defining what needs to be done and ensure that everything is in its proper place
  • Onboarding – onboarding is something that should never really end and instead continually evolve to guide people throughout their experience with the Human Union. At the beginning, we’ll have people-led onboarding with content supporting, though over time will enable content and tool-driven onboarding supported by humans
  • Recruitment – we need people. Are you a person? Do you know other people? Naturally, we’re looking for people amenable to such an audacious vision, so would encourage you first to connect with close personal friends and family and share with them the reason you believe in the Human Union and why you think they would, too
  • Fundraising – money may not make the world go ‘round, but it is critical for going ‘round the world. We are unwilling to compromise on our vision and values and therefore are going to emphasize small dollar donations, especially at the beginning. Over time we may consider larger contributions if the community chooses to do so. We’ll create a transparent, prioritized list for how we’ll spend the money so people know exactly where their money goes


Words are nice and all, but we humans are a visual species. If a picture is worth a thousand words and whatnot, then a few pictures would sure save me a shitload of time in writing all these words!

  • Branding – I’ll be honest, the monkey and elephant picture on the homepage came with the WordPress theme. However, we felt the evolutionary theme and the fact that we humans are merely great apes fit well enough so decided to leave it. Plus, the monkey is pretty cute
  • Graphics – speaking of those pictures, we could use more of them


Content is going to be the sustainable fuel for this movement, enabling us to bring in volunteers, supporters and donors. See this right here, what you’re ready right now? It’s content! Help us make more of it!

  • Update Website – tied into the above, the website has waaaaaaaaaaaay too many words. And here I go, type, type, typing away, making our problem even worse! Help us break up all of these words with some pretty pictures
  • Blogs – I know I said that thing about needing more pictures, but as you may be able to tell, I like me some words. Do you like words? Do you want to write some of your own?
  • User journeys – how do you, uh, get started in something like building Society 2.0? Is there a user manual? Or a step-by-step guide? No, but there COULD be. Wanna create one?
  • Memes – we need memes, so many memes. The resources are basically depleted. WAY under 9,000, and that’s no good. 


  • Engineering – we need people to help write the code for this stuff. Or, maybe you have an idea of something that could be useful for this movement, we want to hear it
  • Infrastructure – we’re building the infrastructure for Society 2.0, but that Infrastructure is going to need some Infrastructure. It’s Infrastructure all the way down. Help us build it with some of that DevOps

Choose Your Own Adventure

The above are just some of the ideas that we have for our immediate needs. However, one critical value for the Human Union is providing people with the autonomy they crave to craft their own vision and have a voice. 

There are no managers here, no hierarchy and nobody to tell you what to do. Instead, we are a decentralized yet interdependent community working to create the infrastructure for Society 2.0. What Society 2.0 will look like is entirely up to us. And so, if you have a different idea for how you can contribute, regardless of whether you have five minutes of five hours a day, we’d love to hear about it.

Join the Union today to make tomorrow possible.

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