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A modern business is not a traditional business. Or legacy business. Or industrial age business.

A modern business is rooted in a foundation built on trust, in which its team members are empowered to create their own vision, have a voice and make a significant contribution. Instead of being condemned to rigid, siloed responsibilities, team members are empowered with flexibility and freedom to continuously evolve and maximize their impact.

Simply being a remote first, technology company doesn’t make you a modern business. Likewise, an in-person, brick and mortar isn’t necessarily a traditional business. Regardless of whether you’re launching rockets or changing tires, your business can be either.

Modern vs. Traditional Business

Modern Business

Traditional Business


Decentralized Top Down


Transparent Secretive


Collaborative Siloed


Evolving Static


Inspiration Fear


Impact Profit

Perhaps above all else, a modern business is led by a leader who knows how to lead. The most important quality of a leader is a willingness and even an eagerness to take their team’s input, understand their motivations and be enthusiastic in shifting their own opinions. A critical distinction between modern and traditional business is that a traditional business is ruled with a “what I say goes” mentality while a modern business encourages their team to disagree with them, making everybody stronger in the process.

As Modern.Business, our mission is enabling employers to create an environment where their employees feel enthusiastic, empowered, energized, and engaged. We believe working toward these qualities with this employee centric focus will enable all stakeholders involved to maximize impact and achieve sustainable, high value results. The final outcome is achieving positive mindshare in which employees spend their time imagining the possibilities rather than consuming their preferred vice to escape their tortured reality.

Humans dedicate half, if not more, of their waking hours toward jobs that many of them hate. The antiwork movement and their over 1.5 million Reddit subscribers is just one compelling piece of evidence supporting this. However, our perspective isn’t that people are antiwork; we believe humans are fundamentally driven to contribute and compete. Rather, our perspective is that people are opposed to legacy bullshit business practices rooted in Frederick Taylor’s industrial age, cog punching priorities.

Despite each of us having an unfathomably complicated supercomputer between our ears, very few people are given an opportunity to utilize a fraction of its potential. Modern.Business aims to help you remedy this while reaping the ensuing mutually beneficial reward.

The primary value we offer is being your third party trusted advisor and partner. Think of us like your business therapist, providing the ever needed perspective to help you navigate your path. 

Our specialty is collaborating with passionate and skilled founders who entered business because they love doing what they do, however they may neither have nor desire the deep, cross functional expertise required to manage the steps between idea and invoice. We want to work with you to identify areas where you can achieve the greatest impact and then create a sustainable team to maximize value for your ongoing execution.

Operations as a Service is our core offering. Whether that means you just need a quick website setup or need somebody to manage the entire front-end of your business, we will provide a curated service package to meet your unique needs.

One thing that makes Modern.Business unique from every traditional business is that we’re not doing this to get rich; in fact, we plan to eventually turn this business over to a nonprofit. While our initial focus is consulting, our long term vision is to create a platform that enables anybody to start and join a business. As those businesses scale, our Modern Business Suite of open source tools will enable them to do so without sacrificing control, cost or data. Given our objective is to make starting a business as easy as creating a meme, we aim to provide services with the maximum value.

As part of the Human Union, our goal is enabling 1,000,000 people to start their own business over the next ten years. Are you ready to be one of the first?

Let us know about your business or head here to Join the Union.

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