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Going public is all the rage these days. Get dat VC, maybe some PE, unicorn, decacorn, and, BAM! You got them phat stacks. Dolla dolla bills, ya’ll!

Even better, screw all that going public noise and just have one of the MAGAT FANS* buy you out. All this data you’re collecting, best believe they’re gonna monetize the fuck out of it.

*Microsoft, Apple, Google, Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Aramco, Netflix, Salesforce

What’s that you say? Funda-whattels? What is a P/E ratio? Zombie businesses? Sounds like a bunch of nerd shit. We’re going to meme this bitch to the moooooooooon.

And let me tell you about my crypto coin. Better get in early, no way this is going tits up. Say it with me: D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N. Any such system will surely benefit everyone.

And now you can buy yourself some Bitcoin at the gas stations alongside the lottery scratchers. Gotta penetrate that lucrative market of poor people somehow.

Nevermind that the average person’s money is worth 8% less today than it was a year ago. We got all that value tied up in the markets, motherfucker. ASSets.

And next, let me tell you about all of the cocaine we’re going to do. On our private jetttttt. And it’s gonna….


Fuck all that noise.

Anyone else fed up with the fundamentally broken society in which we live?

Anyone else appalled by the ever widening gap between the haves and the have nots?

Anyone else sickened that we live in a segregated society based on race and class in which we are manipulated into hating those who are marginally better off than ourselves while missing the bigger picture?

Anyone else just sick and tired of the relentless hate?

We are.

And we think you are, too.

We see you, antiwork. We see you, PoliticalCompassMemes. We see you, neoliberal. We see you, Conservative. We see you, LateStageCapitalism.

On the surface, you may not see the similarities. But, down below, the root issues are the same.

Our society is fundamentally fucked. We are divided and manipulated by politicians and media and corporations and bots and one-another.

But whose fault is it? This might seem unsatisfying, as our ape-brained, tribalistic evolution seeks us to find an enemy, but the answer is: nobody.

Sure, there are countless individuals and entities who have had an influence in how society has evolved. And many are disproportionately rewarded or punished for their inherited luck. But, any attempts to distill all of society’s problems down into one individual, one ideology, one group is just divisive bullshit. And if there is one thing that cannot be tolerated, it is divisiveness.

If you really need somebody to blame, blame my brother, James. There you go. He’s incredibly Jamesian. JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES!!!

Now that we’ve agreed that there is no common enemy, or that our common enemy is James, we can get onto addressing our real problems: Society.

Society is broken and the way we’re going it doesn’t seem like things are becoming less broken.

At the same time, we should take a moment to recognize just how far we have come as a society. We’re able to instantaneously communicate to nearly anybody anywhere on the planet. We are launching a space telescope to peer into the beginning of the universe. Shit, we even invented the poop emoji 💩

And, personally, I love being able to stream any song or show instantaneously and that Amazon delivers toilet paper and groceries directly to my doorstep, enabling me never to have to actually go out into society.

What I don’t love, however, is that it’s the Black people that we bus in from the city that bag our groceries, deliver our packages and take away our trash. I likewise don’t love how the children of a midwest coal miner or factory worker are increasingly likely to die of opiod overdose or suicide, as the industrial revolution led to the financial revolution which led to the technical revolution which led to the technical consolidation.

Which returns us to my original point of how assets are astronomically priced compared to the value they bring. The answer for companies like Uber or Amazon or other gig economy unicorns is that the value is predicated upon eventually being able to do away with all of these costly, inefficient humans in lieu of robotics, automation and intelligent computers.

This is no longer some far off future world. It’s happening, and the impact is real and it will only get worse.

The other side of this dystopian hellscape is a utopian society with fully automated, luxury gay space communism the memes propose.

Which path we choose is entirely up to us. Unfortunately, at this point, it’s feeling increasingly like we are going to go the dystopian route. But, that may be the pandemic, climate apocalypse and 40 million modern slaves influencing me.

However, we believe that the utopian future is still within reach, we just need to do things differently. Einstein never said it, but it’s a good quote, so I’ll share it here the same: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Circling back to the title of this post, we are indeed going public. And we do indeed have something in the works that can fundamentally change the way society works. However, we have decided to eschew the glitz and glamor and unequal reward promised by the start-up to sell-out path that so many choose.

We don’t have any fundamental problem with them, there are many great reasons to go the traditional route of fundraising and more fundraising and more fundraising and exit. For starters, it’s much easier than the path that we are choosing. However, we believe that the harder path will promise greater reward for everyone.

While we do see fully automated communism as the future, we believe the best way to get there is through capitalism, not communism. Again, though, not your typical capitalism. Instead, we are planning to launch a business – several, in fact – that will be setup as for profit entities, so that we may compete with other for profit entities. The major difference is that we will ultimately turn over this business and all of its assets to a nonprofit entity, in which all of the profits generated will be returned to the nonprofit. Almost like a reverse ponzi scheme or something. Not really, but whatever, just go with it.

Given that nonprofit organizations are owned by nobody, they are inherently then owned by society. And unlike other nonprofits that frequently exist as glorified tax shelters which are funded by other glorified tax shelters, we will operate these businesses based entirely on volunteer time and small dollar donations. Over time we may consider to expand fundraising, but only when we have a foundation established in which no individual or entity will have undue influence. That, and selling t-shirts that say “I’m into Fisting,” as it’s important to understand one’s preferred greeting mechanism these days.

Our decision making and prioritization will be crowdsourced and everything we do will be transparent, beginning with this post. There is significantly more to come, which will be shared as quickly as I can type, but the summary is that we are quite literally crowdsourcing Society 2.0. Our requirements include:

  1. Redefine societal value

  2. Provide the CORE: Connections, Opportunities and Resources for Everyone

  3. Provide TODAS: Tools that are Open, Decentralized, Accessible, and Secure

  4. Enable everyone to start their own business

  5. Create decentralized finance with a society investment pool and global basic income

  6. Enable all humans to meet their basic needs: food, water, shelter, and security

  7. Make the internet and a device through which to access it available for all

  8. Empower everyone to control, leverage and prosper from their personal data

  9. Abolish slavery

  10. Create the Human Union

Consider this our hello to the universe. Instead of waiting until everything is perfectly structured, we figured, screw it, let’s start telling the world our plan. Because, it is clear that there is a deep desire for doing things differently and we believe that most people will want to be part of such a unifying effort.

Together, let’s create the Human Union.

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