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Commonly referred to as the Great Resignation or a variety of other things, in which up to 41% of people are currently seeking new employment. But we feel like The Exit Strategy is a more suitable name for what’s happening right now.

There have been an endless onslaught of articles covering the obvious motivating factors for this, from remote working becoming more commonly accepted due to Covid, an unlimited money supply that must be spent within the digital economy and your run of the mill shitty boss.

But we’d like to take a step back…or sideways…or spring around in a circle…and examine this from a different perspective, putting the employee in the shoes of the employer. 

Lately, massive sized exits have become a mainstream (and memestream) phenomenon, seemingly as popular as sports. For that to happen, these organizations certainly needing a solid exit strategy. And while plenty are employed in these startups, it’s rare that an employee would have an exit strategy of their own.

Over the past few decades expected tenure at one company has dropped from 20 years to closer to 20 months (source: made up statistic). And so certainly making an exit is an ongoing and common thing, however the impact may be questionable.

The major difference between an organizational exit and a personal exit is that when an organization exits, they do it as a team; when an individual exits, they do so generally independently.

And that sucks. Because, as I alluded to at the top of this, the reason for the exit is typically not for a dramatic payday. Many who change jobs do so at a higher salary, however others do so just to escape the private hell they may be living in.

The purpose for these words and, moreso, the purpose for this account and this idea is giving a voice to the voiceless and a community to those trapped in solitude.

We are fully aware of the irony, perhaps, that this account and post is distributed anonymously. There are two great reasons for that: 

  1. We are afraid of retaliation if we were to share our unfiltered thoughts publicly 
  2. This content and all of the ideas do not derive from one individual; they are the byproduct of a transparent and collaborative community 

This is why we are creating an open and supportive community on the Networked Community platform focused on enabling everyone to make their own exit strategy and take control of their own lives. Whether you want to escape a toxic environment, navigate a promotion or start your own business, Modern Business is the community and the company to help you achieve greater success however you may define it.

To ensure we cultivate strong foundational roots, Modern Business is currently open for member requests through a selective application process as part of Human Union. If you can answer yes to any of the following, we encourage you to complete a Modern Business application today:

  • Are you trying to start, grow or scale your business and want to connect with potential collaborators?
  • Looking for a supportive community to help you navigate your career journey?
  • Want to create your own personal community that you fully control?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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