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Society is fundamentally broken. The underlying cause is the fear-based, tribalistically driven us vs. them that underpins our history and undermines our genetic code. This mentality, manifested by the fight or flight mechanism, is what has allowed us to survive, from when we were fish until our modern day membership atop the great apes.

This mentality has likewise created an environment that may lead to our demise, from any number of human caused existential threats including disease, nuclear war or runaway climate change. And if those don’t get us, asteroids, solar flares or other preventable natural disasters could wipe us out as we are distracted working against one another.

Our society has achieved a unique status, capable of communicating and collaborating globally through this magical device in my hands, yet we allow the gift of modern achievement to distract and divide.

While the threats are real and daunting, the opportunities presented by human and societal evolution are similarly significant. If we choose to acknowledge and work past our genetic debt, the rewards for all of us are immeasurable.

Today we sit upon a teetering precipice, with division and doom on one side and union and utopia on the other. It is up to all of us to choose which side we fall.

The time has come for a great societal movement to form an even more perfect union; a Human Union. The Human Union will be open to all, regardless of race, gender, creed, or ideology. The only requirement is a willingness to reject division and accept a better shared society.

The Human Union will provide Community, Commerce and Code to enable all people to meet their CORE needs: Connections, Resources and Opportunities for Everyone. It will be open, decentralized and accessible and it will eschew the negative behaviors that led us here and focus on the positive aspects which bring about unlimited promise.

People are intrinsically motivated to contribute to their community through collaboration and competition, creating a culture driven through communication. They simply must be provided the chance to succeed symbiotically, something unavailable for far too many. We will provide the resources and technical solutions to enable humanity to do what it loves as what social media should have been.

Our objective is to empower 1,000,000 people over the next 10 years to start their own business and gain interdependent freedom in their lives.

Systemic problems cannot be solved by point solutions. And the problems we have created require grand, bold, idealistic vision with clear and achievable steps to get there. Society may be broken, but we can be the cure. Let’s  build  Society  2.0  together.

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